Q & A

Q1. Can you keep my luggage & baby trolls while using bike ?

A1. Yes. Please return back until closing time. And we don’t have large space for storage, please contact us in advance if you are over 5 persons.

Q2. How long can I rent bikes ? How to return back ?

A2. You can rent bikes until tomorrow’s opening time. (Kintetsu-shop 8AM, JR-shop 9AM). And also possible to return back while closing hours (lated night / early morning), that means you can return back whenever you want. The way of returning back in closing hours differs in each shop, please ask to shop clue.

Q3. What is “Electric assisted bike” ?

A3. Electric assisted bike isn’t motorbike but electric battery assists you to pedal easily. We have 24 inch & 26 inch ones suit for 155 – 185 cm (not for children). Battery lasts for 30 – 35 km, means good enough for riding around Nara park in day time. please make sure that you can ride bike well and then try electric assisted bike 🙂

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