Good news!! Yamato rental bicycle began renting kimonos to make your Nara trip more efficiently.

Our rental kimono can be easily worn by yourself, and you can also ride a bicycle with the kimono.

Perfect for those who do not have time but want to fully enjoy Nara.



Kimono planKimono(Traditional Japanese wear), Sandal(Shoes for Kimono), Obi(Belt for Kimono), Obi accessories, hair accessories

  Regular price: 3300yen →special price  2200yen

※Only available at Kintetsu Nara shop. Weekday only.

Haori(Japanese jacket) plan

Regular price: 880yen →special price  550yen

※Only available at Kintetsu Nara shop.


~What is Kimono? ~

Kimono is a Japanese traditional garment. The word “kimono”, which literally means a “thing to wear” In the past, people wore kimono as everyday clothes, but today, Kimono is most often worn on special occasions. Recently, young people remake or enjoy coordinating with clothes.


~Kimono is easier than you think

Do you think kimono is difficult because of its many rules? Our shop offers various styles of kimono. You can wear a Kimono with your clothes, you can wear a kimono with sneakers, and you can wear a kimono and ride a bicycle! Please find your style and enjoy Nara tour.


~About our kimono~

Only one antique items. Modern polyester kimonos are often flashy, but antiques have many original Japanese delicate colors. It is also nice to arrange beautiful colored bands and accessories, or mix them with your clothes.
Would you like to enjoy a new Japanese culture that mixes traditional and modern, using your imagination and sense?
Originally these kimonos are very expensive (above 100,000 yen), but since they are not new, we rent and sell them at low prices.
Let’s take a cool photo of riding a bicycle wearing a kimono!