Before booking… / 預約向前

①Please send E-mail for booking till 1 days before using   (TOUR GUIDE)  for booking till 1 week before

  請發送預約的郵件,開始利用日1天前為止  (旅行嚮導的預約到1週前

②If you don’t show in departure time without e-mail, we treat as cancell at the time late for 1 hour from initial departure time.


③If you want to cancell your booking, please send E-mail from “For cancell” down below.

想取消時預約,請從下” 預約取消”送電子郵件

☞ Booking is here  預約

☞ Cancell is  here  預約取消

☞ Inquiry is here  問題

Please book here! / 等著預約!0742-77-4727・Kintetsu-Nara shop
9:30 - 15:00(Mon-Fri)
8:00 -18:00(Sat-Sun)
9:30 - 15:00(Public holiday)

・JR- Nara shop
9:00 - 15:30 (Mon-Fri)
8:00 - 18:00 (Sat - Sun)
9:00 - 15:30(Public holiday)

Booking / 預約 easy & quick reservation