Difference from other stores

1.  You can dress by yourself
This is our original kimono that has been specially processed, so you can easily dress yourself.

2. You can ride a bicycle wearing a kimono
Since we are a bicycle rental shop, you can rent both bicycle and kimono. We will also propose dressing that is easy to ride on a bicycle.

3. 24-hour rental and return
You can rent our Kimono for 24 hours, so that you can walk around the city wearing a kimono at night. The next morning, you can wear a kimono by yourself and enjoy the kimono again.

4. Reasonable price
A reasonable price has been achieved by dressing yourself. Perfect for those who want to wear a kimono casually, want to take only pictures, or have fun on a small budget.

5. Free gift available
Free gift of hair ornaments!

6. Original kimono and accessories can be purchased
You can also purchase your favorite kimono. (Price ¥ 1500~) You can easily wear it yourself, so please use it as a room wear as well as at the event wear. It will be the best souvenir also.