Q & A

Q1.Can luggage and strollers be left in the store?

A1.Yes, they can. However, please return for them before closing time. Also, space in the store is limited, so if you will be visiting as a group (more than 5 persons), please contact us in advance via the inquiry form.
Please note that the JR Nara Store can only store items until 15:00 on weekdays, and 18:00 on weekends.

Q2. How long can bicycles be borrowed for with a single day’s usage? Can they be returned after the store closes?

A2.With a single day’s usage, bicylces can be rented until the store opening time the next day. And exclusive for persons spending the night at accommodations in Nara, you may rent for 24 hours from the start of the rental. (You can of course do this for the price of a single day’s usage.) And to return after closing time, don’t worry, just park the bike in the specified space and put the key in the post box.

Q3.Can I rent a bike at the Kintetsu Nara Store and return it at the JR Nara Store?

A3. No,you can’t.

Q4.What is the age limit for the child seats? Please tell me more about the child seats.

A4. The age limit is a rough guide. To be exact, the limit is up to 22kg (varies by child seat maker). The front types have 2 seat belts, and the rear types have 3 seat belts. We are sorry, but none of them have headrests.

Q5. What does 24hr return mean? Please explain a little more.

A5. So that you can explore Nara at your leisure, we have made it possible to make automated returns outside of the hours when staff are present. This system means that all you have to do is leave the bicycle in the bicycle parking space in the store, and put the key you locked in the locked postbox, and we can confirm your return with the security cameras in the store. However this is only for returns. The necessary procedures must be carried out for rentals, and so they can only be made during hours when staff are present.

Q6. What should I do if I get a puncture? Will you come to collect the bicycle?

A6. We also have an attached bicycle shop, and our inspection and maintenance prepares for all eventualities, so problems due to insufficient maintenance are very rare. However, when it comes to punctures, if you ride over a nail or broken glass then even a brand new bicycle could get a puncture. As such, and this is also stated on the application/agreement form when you make your rental, in case of puncture or other accident, we ask that our customers get repairs at a nearby bicycle store, at their own cost. If you bring the bicycle to us we will repair it for cheaper than standard price. There is usually only 1 staff member per store, so even if we receive a phone call asking us to pick up a bicycle with a puncture, unfortunately we have other customers too and cannot leave the store. We apologize that this is the same as with other stores, but appreciate your understanding.

Q7. I’m going to stay in Nara for 3 nights. I want to rent a bicycle from the first day to the last day, do I have to return the bicycle to the store every night and pay? Doing it every time takes up time, so I want to use the bicycle by leaving it at the hotel at night and continuing to borrow it the next day.

A7. You do not need to return it every time. There is no problem with leaving it at your hotel at night. However, there are some hotels and guesthouses near the station that do not have bicycle parking. In the past there have been incidents of bicycles being parked in the area around the train station, and in the morning being taken away by city hall for unlawful parking. With the charge for being taken to the city hall + our pickup charge, some customers have had to pay a significant amount. If staying for multiple nights, please be sure to check if your place of stay has bicycle parking.

Q8. What will happen if the bicycle I’m renting gets stolen?

A8. Unfortunately we must ask you for compensation. We do not have theft insurance, other than for our mopeds and electric assist bicycles. Price varies by model, from \6,000 for simple single gears to \10,000 for sports bicycles, and although electric assist bicycles have the maker’s theft insurance, we require customers to cover the \14,000 deductible.

Q9. Do the bicycles come with insurance?

A9. Firstly, please check Q8. for theft insurance. For injuries, we require you choose whether or not to add insurance when you visit the store and apply. If you choose to add insurance at that time, we take a payment of \300 yen per bicycle as the insurance fee. The insurance is for liability coverage (if you injure another person) for hospitalization for 15 days or longer. The maximum sum covered is \50,000,000 until the end of September 2017, and from October the same year will change to cover a maximum of \100,000,000. Injury compensation (if your injure yourself) is also for hospitalizations of 15 days or longer, at a fixed rate of \100,000, or \1,000,000 for death or serious permanent disability. Neither case provides insurance for hospitalizations of less than 15 days, so non significant injuries are not covered. Please make sure you are aware of this. For details of other insurance, please search for red TS mark incidental insurance. No compensation whatsoever is provided for customers who choose not to add insurance when applying. You must bear full responsibility yourself.

Q10. I made a reservation, but my child got a fever on the day – can I make a same day cancellation?

A10. Yes, you can. Please phone or e-mail us to cancel as soon as you can. When you do, if you let us know the reason for your cancellation we will not charge a cancellation fee. However if you contact us by phone, we are often not able to answer when the store is busy before and after lunch. Please e-mail us if at all possible. We may have customers waiting for a cancellation on the day. Please contact us as soon as you can.

Q11. What is “Electric assisted bike” ?

A11. Electric assisted bike isn’t motorbike but electric battery assists you to pedal easily. We have 24 inch & 26 inch ones suit for 155 – 185 cm (not for children). Battery lasts for 30 – 35 km, means good enough for riding around Nara park in day time. please make sure that you can ride bike well and then try electric assisted bike 🙂

Q12. Is it possible to two-seater?

A12. Two-seater is prohibited in Japanese traffic rules.

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