Last month, we had something mysterious.
A young man visited our shop with sweets. He said. “I passed the job exam on the day I rented a bike at this store. I felt somehow related and came to thank you.”
We were surprised because we didn’t do anything except rend a bike to him. But we were so glad he felt like that.
According to the owner of our shop, there have been several similar things happened in the past.

Although it is a small shop, A bicycle god may live here … I often feel like that.
So I posted this article. If you have any lucky story after visiting our shop, please post on Google Review.

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We would be glad if we could hear your story!

Speaking of the spiritual enegy, do you know that Nara itself is a place with spiritual energy? Long ago, Heijyo-kyo, the capital of Japan in the 8th Century, was set up in Nara. It was because Nara was an ideal topography for Feng Shui, with a river in the east, a broad avenue in the west, a basin in the south, and a hill in the north, which are traditionally believed to be the best suited for the ‘Four Gods’.

And here is another interesting story.

Look at this map. On this map of Kansai area, very important shrines and places related to Japanese origin are marked.

伊吹山 (lbuki-yama)

伊勢神宮内宮  (Ise-Jingu Naiku)

熊野本宮大社 (Kumano Hongu Taisha)

伊弉諾神宮 (Izanagi Jingu)

元伊勢内宮皇大神社 (Motoise naiku koudai jinjya)

Connecting these places as vertices, a large pentagram appears. And at the center is 平城京(Heijyo-kyo), Nara! It is very mysterious. We feel that Nara is a very special place.
This is based on the concept of “reylines”. When connecting monuments or sacred sites specifically built by ancient people, they are arranged in a straight line, pentagram, or hexagram and so on. You can see these not only in Japan but also in the world.

How do you like it? Please visit Nara, where might be filled with spiritual enegy. If you come to our store, we will tell you other secret spots where you can feel special energy!