(Bicycle Rental Option)

We would like to introduce you to our excellent service for attractive sight seeing in Nara.


It is a tour-guide by bicycle.
If you can ride a bicycle, we can provide you with a view of the fantastic scenery of the ancient city of Nara.
There is a standard course we follow through the city or you can choose a custom course.
We give tours twice per day in the morning or afternoon.
The tour by bicycle takes a few hours, usually between 2-2.5hrs.
所需時間為2個小時~ 2個小時30分鐘
(Of course, we can speak in English for your support. There may be times where an English speaking guide is unavailable on that day and we can reschedule you to a different day)
他們會說英語 很可惜他們不會說中文 另外如果與導遊的日程不符的話,我們會謝絕

(Bicycle Rental Option) 
Tour Guide by Bicycle
Tour fee – one person TAX included
10,600 JPY   One person
8,000 JPY     Two people 
7,000 JPY     Three people
6,000 JPY     Four people more

0  JPY           ~12 years old

Reservation is 2 days before