Yamato Kanko Rental Cycle in Nara

大和旅遊租自行車 in 奈良

A woman wearing a kimono is riding a bicycle

We’re rental bike shops near Kintetu-Nara station.   Good for cycling in Nara park!

Important  重要的

There are many other bicycle rental shops nearby. Please double check the location of our store on Google Maps, etc. to avoid making any mistakes. Our entrance width is only two doors wide. A large white tank is sitting in front of the door. That’s why you will only see one door when you arrive at our store.

附近還有許多其他自行車租賃店  請在Google地圖等仔細檢查本店的位置,以免出錯 我們的入口寬度只有兩扇門寬  門前放著一個白色的大水箱  這就是為什麼當您到達我們商店時只會看到一扇門

■ Shop: Kintetsu Nara shop  近鐵奈良店

■ Rental application reception hours   受理租約申請的時間

    8:00-15:00    You can return the bicycle for 24 hours.   If you are renting an E-BIKE with a one-day plan, the deadline is 9:00 p.m.

 上午 8:00 至下午 3:00     您可以在 24 小時內歸還自行車    如果您租用一日計劃的電動自行車,截止日期為晚上 9:00

■ CLOSED Wednesday & First Thursday   休息日: 週三、第一個週四

  ※In the event of bad weather such as a typhoon, there may be temporary closures.


There are many benefits.



 E-bike    Reservations are limited to customers  

 24hours  rental → Special discount !

☞ 24H rental for customers stay in Nara

  It is also possible to rent a bicycle for multiple nights without having to return it every day.

☞ Please check with the staff at your hotel or guesthouse to see if there is a place to store your bicycle.

  We can also store your luggage for free.

 There are two large lockers that can be used even after the store has closed. It is sized to fit suitcases and strollers. Please make a reservation as there are only 2 spaces available. Please fill in the message field on the reservation form.

★ Use for  2017/01/01 〜


Electric assisted bike / 電動補助自行車的預約 奈良最便宜
1,320 →  990 JPY+Tax  by booking only 2days ago !
※Reservations made on the same day or the day before are not valid.

1320日元→  990日元如果您提前兩天預訂,您將獲得特價當日或前一天的預訂無效

 0742-54-1549 YAMATO RENTAL CYCLE 

We are unable to contact you by phone at this time. We only accept emails. Please contact us by email from the 「Booking」 page on this site.

If you don’t know the location, please search for “Yamato Rental Bicycle” on Google Maps.

我們目前無法透過電話與您聯繫  我們只接受電子郵件  請從我們的「Booking」頁面透過電子郵件與我們聯絡

如果您不知道位置,請在 Google 地圖上搜尋「Yamato Rental Bicycle」

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