Before booking / 預約向前

①Reservations cannot be made for the same day or the day before.



당일이나 전날의 예약은 할 수 없다

②If you don’t show in departure time without e-mail, we treat as cancell at the time late for 1 hour from initial departure time.


③If you want to cancel your booking, please send E-mail from “For cancel” down below.

想取消時預約,請從下” 預約取消”送電子郵件

If you make an advance payment reservation, you can’t cancel every kind of reason.

Because this reservation is a value especially.



☞ Booking is here  預約

☞ The special price booking is here  預約 Service stopped 服務停止( advance payment It’s impossible to repay it. )    

※ Ended at the end of March 2020         ※ 於 2023 年 3 月底結束

☞ Cancell is  here  預約取消

☞ Inquiry is here  問題

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