Rental method

Rental method    租賃方式

Please select the type of bicycle.    請選擇自行車的類型

Check the bicycle number.   檢查自行車號碼

Please buy the ticket. (Now cash only)


Please fill in the application form.  (One group one application form) 

 請填寫申請表 (一組一份申請表)

A ticket is stuck on an application form.


The application form is put in a machine.

Please put your ID or passport on the desk.

申請表被放入機器中    請將您的身分證或護照放在桌上

The key number of the bicycle is shown to a monitor.

Please unlocked by its number.

自行車的鑰匙號碼顯示在監視器上     請按號碼解鎖

Please return the bicycle. (Returnable after hours)

Please put your bicycle key in the mailbox.

請歸還自行車 (非營業時間可歸還)  請將自行車鑰匙放入信箱

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