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Rental services

Customers staying in Nara only can rent 24 hours

: Multi-day rental _ you can keep your bike as long as you want.
( No need to return the bike back each day)

: Free child & Baby seat, helmet
**Maximum weight for child seat is 27 kg

: Free rental glove (winter season only)

24h return system

: You can get your bike back after opening hours ☺
**please park at the hallway , then lock the key and put that into the mail box left of the entrance

Bike equipment

: Rental with key lock, light, basket for baggage
**battery of electric power assist bike lasts for whole daytime as you ride around Nara city. If the power would be down, you could ride as normal bike

Notice about trouble

: If your bike is broken or stolen, please pay compensation of damages
(fully damaged or stolen cost 6000-14000 JPY)

: We offer “TS insurance” for personal injury only .☺

How to ride in Japan

: Please ride on the sidewalk (width is 3m over only) or left end of roadway.
When you use the sidewalk, please fully beware of pedestrian

: Unfortunately, traffic law in Japan prohibits tundem riding (2 seater).
Please keep the rule of “1 person, 1 bike” ☺

: Please get off your bike and walk when you pass through shopping street
: Better not to ring the bell with no good reasons (can be troubled ;;)
: After getting dark, please use the light attached with front tire
: When you tour in Nara park, please get off bike inside the park to protect grasses

: Parking prohibited area
@ Streets radius around 500m from train station
@ Parking lot of the shop, store, restaurant you don’t use

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8:00 – 15:00

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