Front & rear child-seat is available for free  /  孩子用的前的&後的座席   免費  

Booking  by mail is available/通過電子郵件預訂

Helmets are available  for free   /   頭盔、 免費

TS insurance for free   / TS保險 免費  

It’s fun cycling, but what happens when you get into an accident?

“Red TS mark” is pasted on our bicycle. It can be attached to a regular bicycle that has been checked and confirmed by a bicycle safety mechanic.

TS (traffic safety) insurance includes both accident and liability insurance.

Accident insurance applies to death, serious impairment, and hospitalization over 15 days
(amount of compensation ranges 100,000 to 1 million JPY).

Liability insurance applies to death, serious impairment
(amount of compensation is 50 million JPY maximum).


我們的自行車上貼有“紅色TS標記”。 它可以連接到經過自行車安全技術人員檢和確認的普通自行車上。

TS(traffic safety)保險包括事故保險和責任保險。

事故保險適用於死亡或嚴重傷害。 另外,住院時間超過15天(賠償金額為100,000至100萬日元)。


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